The official website of the Bursaalax Education and Development Project.
Vision and mission

Read Horn of Africa vision and mission statement

readhorn_logoOur vision

“ To empower local communities to initiate, organize and implement sustainable education and development projects creating socially able, coherent, healthy, informed and educated citizens.”

Our Mission statement

Improving physical environment

  1. to build facilities and provide resources for the provision of quality education to create a secure environment for learning.
  2. to improve the facilities for healthy living in the area by the provision of boreholes for water, clinics and hospitals.
  3. to improve the resources available to all residents of the area so as to give them a stake in the development aspects of the project.
  4. to be in a position to run feeding centres to minimise the affects of emergencies such as droughts, famines and war on the area.

Improving social interaction among all the residents

  1. to promote peace, stability, and justice through community discussion groups and workshops, dissemination of information and provision of advocacy involving all residents.
  2. to relieve poverty through education, capacity building and sustainable income generating and makro enterprise schemes.
  3. to run workshops for the local people on topics such as health issues, women, childrens’ and minority rights and environmental sustainability.

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